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Ca Maina - bed&breakfast

Cà Maìna

This majestic guest house is located in the Camposonaldo area; a small village of about thirty inhabitants, located in the Bidente Valley on the Forlì Apennines and about 5 km from the municipal capital, Santa Sofia (FC). Completely renovated and immersed in the Romagna hills in a particularly green and natural context, it contains and offers opportunities for lovers of trekking, mountain biking, good taste but also of history.


Already known as Campo Sonaldo (Campus Sonaldi), the first documents of the Camaldolese annalists that attest to the existence of the locality date back to 1425 and recall how in 1264 the abbot of Santa Maria in Cosmedin or dell'Isola assigned the castle of Santa Sofia to the men of the Municipality of Camposonaldo in order to freely elect their own parish priest. Other documents, kept in the bishop's archive of San Sepolcro, are dated 1598.
In 1551 the inhabitants were 161, while in the years 1745 and 1833 there were respectively 207 and 195 inhabitants registered.
The parish church of san  Giovanni Battista , donated in the thirteenth century by the patronage of the archbishops of Ravenna to the abbey of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, was destroyed several times over the centuries by violent earthquakes that occurred in the area, in particular by the earthquake of 1661, 1768 [7]  and 1918. Subsequently the church was rebuilt again, undergoing further restorations in 1947. The church contains the historical furnishings of the parish and those of the abandoned church of  Spescia .

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